Belair Great House – Barbados

Planning large group vacations is always a good way for friends and family catch up with one another and reinvigorate relationships. The problem here is finding a far-off private villa rental that can cater for all their needs, while effectively eliminating that “overly crowded and boring” feeling vacationists get with inadequate accommodations.

Out of the many large and classy private villa rentals Caribbean islands have to offer, the Belair Great House at Barbados currently stands as a top choice for big groups of people. Nestled on two acres of landscaped grounds, this exquisitely designed private villa rental boasts eight stylish and spacious air-conditioned rooms capable of accommodating a maximum of sixteen people with ease.

Three of these rooms (located within a separate structure) have balconies for vacationers to sit around, enjoy the wonderful ocean view, and inhale the refreshing sea breeze.

This magnificent 100-year-old house (recently renovated) comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a dining table with ten chairs, which can be utilized for preparing perfect meals and an excellent setting for eating such.

Like other private villa rentals Caribbean islands offer, indoor entertainment comes in the form of a big flat screen television set, an Apple computer with a flat screen monitor, and a full-size billiard table. To make things even better for visitors is the inclusion of a sleekly built bar room for storing the men’s and women’s favorite alcoholic beverages.

Outside the Belair Great House is a range of amenities to keep guests happy, such the large swimming pool. On this pool deck are chairs and tables for visitors to sit back and relax at. In addition to this is a barbeque area for the people to grill food, and another bar for storage of more alcoholic beverages. Beside this BBQ area is a gazebo with another dining table capable of seating ten people.

If vacationers prefer it, the beach is just a short walk away from the Belair Great House – taking a dip in the crystal-clear water surrounded by powdery white sand is an excellent way for vacationers to truly vent stress and frustrations.

For those who like to stay physically active while on a holiday, this private villa rental features a newly built asphalt tennis court located on the property. In addition to this is a nearby golf course.

Considering all that the Belair Great House has to offer, it is no wonder that it’s being hailed as one of the best villas amongst the many private villa rentals Caribbean islands have to offer.

Leamington Cottage – Barbados Villas

Leamington Cottage is a luxury villa in St Peter Parish on the island of Barbados. Located on the Leamington Estate, the Leamington Cottage villa occupies an idyllic situation right by the beach. There is a reef in front of the Cottage and refreshing swimming is situated immediately north of the property, as well as a small “Spa Pool” located at the property. A perfect honeymoon haven, this lovely property has its own private entrance, separate driveway, private access to a sandy beach and is surrounded by lovely terraces. This charming one bedroom cottage is located on the beach in St. Peter Parish. If one is seeking a quiet retreat, the perfect vacation home is here. Simplistic and beautiful at the same time, escape to this perfect hideaway and enjoy all the amenities of life on the Island of Barbados.

Features and Amenities

The open concept interior of Leamington Cottage villa is both intimate and charming, and furnished with rattan seating and plush sofas set on cool tiled floors. While this Barbados villas cottage is basically simple, all is done in very good taste and is very comfortable. The bedroom offers twin beds (pushed together), air-conditioning, a ceiling fan, and en-suite bathroom with a fitted wardrobe. An additional bathroom has a shower only, and can be used by guests accommodated by the sofabed. This cottage is ideal for one couple, but can also sleep one child or another adult if necessary upon special request at time of booking. Many Barbados villas are large and enticing, however, more than a hotel room, but less than a full size villa is desired, no other accommodation can be more inviting. The bedroom at Leamington Cottage is comfortable and is fully air-conditioned. High Speed (ADSL) Internet and Wireless access is available for our guests who wish to bring their laptops.

Despite its smaller size, the same level of service is still available at the Leamington Cottage villa. This beautiful cottage is professionally staffed with the services of a maid / cook and gardener. Staff hours are daily from 9:00am until after lunch, and from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. The fact that everything is truly cared for is important and enhances this experience in true escape and luxury.


This cottage offers a convenient getaway to the beach and all its water sports. Reservations and other water sports arrangements can be requested just up the beach near Cobblers Cove Hotel, which is located next door to the Leamington Estate. Leamington Cottage is also a mere 20 minute drive from Royal Westmoreland and Sandy Lane Hotel, where 5-Star Golf, tennis and spa facilities are available.