Beach Villa Rentals in Riviera Maya

For the owner’s asking price of $285,000 USD, a savvy investor can purchase a villa located in Riviera Maya. A Carib villa is quite expensive, but many financing options are available. Prices start at $285,000 USD but it offers the best amenities in the market. This competitive pricing is intended to give buyers and investors an opportunity to buy a second home in one of the fastest growing destinations in Latin America, the Riviera Maya. Luxurious beach villa rentals are also available.

Residencies in Riviera Maya have innovative designs that are a wonderful combination of modern architecture with spectacular landscaping. A spectacular view of the surrounding lakes and gardens complement each other and provide a unique atmosphere. An additional view available to all units is the panoramic view of the 18-hole Golf Course.

Further description of the Carib villa:

The studios and residences have from 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms up to a height of 780 ft². There is a spacious terrace offering a spectacular view of the Golf Course and lakes. The villa has a paddle court, pools and snack bars. Security is provided; it’s a gated community with a 24-hour on-duty security guard.  All residents can enjoy the Beach Club and Club House. The villa is only 30 minutes away from Cancun International Airport and five minutes away from Playa del Carmen, where beach villa rentals are also available.

Also known as the Mayan Riviera, Riviera Maya is a popular tourist destination, which could be reached by following the coastal Highway 307. This runs parallel to the Caribbean coastline of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which is located on the eastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula. All towns surrounding Playa, as faraway Puerto Morelos and Felipe Carrillo Puerto, are currently being promoted as part of the Riviera Maya tourist route.

Sunbathing in Riviera Maya is a wonderful experience, as the sun is shining the whole day. Whether tourists do it in their rented villas or homeowners do it in the privacy of their condos, it is one of the many luxuries found only in an island paradise like the Caribbean. Many rented villas have their own private plunge pool. In a luxurious Caribbean villa, travelers can wake up to an exotic jungle surrounding, and take a stroll on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

The call to the Caribbean is very distinct as more and more visitors are drawn to this tourist destination. People who want to be far from the maddening crowd are buying a Carib villa, or are seeking accommodation in a beach villa rental.