A Rendezvous in Twin Palms, Rum Point Drive 40A/62

Where is the best place to stay? Of course, it’s in the Caribbean and what better way to stay there then at a condo in Twin Palms, Rum Point Drive 40a/62. For those who are only hearing about this meeting place for the first time, this is a great chance to get to know this place. Twin Palms, Rum Point Drive 40a/62 is a Caribbean villa rental, which can be your best home away from home. It is just along the Caribbean way villas and a familiar place for the inhabitants in the area.

Let’s start an adventurer’s tour at this fantastic villa. Located close to Rum Point and Kaibo, Twin Palms has condos with six- bedrooms and four- bathrooms offering immense space and privacy. A connoisseur of aesthetic designs will adore the bedrooms, which have been redone by a well-known professional interior designer. Those who rent this place will enjoy the new furniture, rugs and other facilities just installed to please visitors.

Find delight in all these amenities offered in Twin Palms. The central air-conditioning is an assurance that the place will always be cool. Therefore, visitors will not suffer from heat at this tropical place. The kitchen is fully furnished with all the appliances just like the ones back home. There is a refrigerator, dishwasher, washer & dryer, microwave and electric oven. Amateur chefs can try all the cuisines they learned about in their previous travels.

At this Caribbean villa rental, the living room is the best place to relax on rainy days when a traveler wants to recoup his energy for the next adventure. The patio of Caribbean way villas gives a wonderful view of the sea. Aside from the dining room, there is a breakfast room to enjoy staples of the island. Domestic chores such as washing and drying clothes are provided in the laundry room and water will never be a problem with a cistern installed.

The frame of the house is strong enough to resist any kind of weather and the foundation has slabs that are more durable. One can enjoy sunlight the whole day in Twin Palms Rum Point Drive. Get a single family home with a fantastic view of the sea. One can buy a big lot and condo for $8000, which is a one- story building constructed in 1994. A single-family house with a view of the waterfront, 6 bedrooms, 4-bathrooms and 4 garages can be bought for $2,125,000.00.

Whether buying or renting, travelers who want to relocate to the Caribbean or make this awesome island as a permanent vacation ground, can easily find a Caribbean villa rental or purchase Caribbean way villas at the Twin Palms Rum Point Drive.

The Water’s Edge Condo, Grand Cayman

Countless people often dream of the day where they own one of the most luxurious Caribbean beach villas. Carib villas may be pricey, but their unbelievably immoderate designs coupled with designer furniture and fixtures alone make every penny well worth the cost.

On top of this, the location is unparalleled to any other place in the world – it’s not too often or even possible that a person would be fortunate enough to find another country where the weather is warm all-year-round, the water is turquoise blue plus crystal clear, and the sea breeze keeps blowing all day long.

Now, there are countless Caribbean beach villas to choose from, but most of these may be a little too steep for the budget of most buyers. So instead of opting to go for Carib villas, a cheaper alternative would be a condominium at Water’s Edge.

First and foremost, condominiums in this establishment are built near the beach, and offer magnificent views of the vast, glorious ocean. These dwellings typically come with three bedrooms, three and a half washrooms, and a den. In addition to this, there’s one breakfast room, a dining room, a living room, and a patio.

Like all residences that reside in the tropical paradise, this condo comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, which allows the owner to further exercise and improve his cooking prowess. Central air-conditioning is a much-appreciated feature, making living conditions inside the abode even more comfortable.

Other appliances are generally included to make inhabitants live comfortably, such as a cable TV, washer & dryer, refrigerator, microwave, and an electric oven.

Aside from the dwelling’s lavish interior design, the environment outside is just as good. Residents of Water’s Edge get the pleasure of easy access to the beautiful beach, which is a short walk away from their homes. They often enjoy spending the relaxingly warm days swimming in the cool, deep ocean, or lying under the protective shade of the palm trees.

Like all Caribbean beach villas, inhabitants enjoy the reinvigorating sea breeze that blows throughout the area all day long. This feature is absent in other “choice” beaches located at other parts of the world.

Comparably better than many Carib villas, Water’s Edge has numerous condos that are more than capable of rendering the dream lifestyle of living luxuriously on a distant island far away from problems back home.


The Cayman Kai Home

It’s easy to say that all breadwinners of their respective families long for the day wherein they can move into the house of their dreams. While these fantasies about the ideal abode may vary from one another, a commonly fantasized residence is classified under the Caribbean island villas category.

Carib villas are some of the best in the entire world – not only are they luxuriously designed and fitted with classy furniture plus fixtures, but they can boast a location which is regarded by thousands as a tropical paradise.

Upon saving enough cash for purchasing such an abode, the task of selecting which one and what type comes into play. For a moderately large family, a four bedroom luxury dwelling with ample space would suffice.

With that being said, the Cayman Kai Home would make an ideal choice, if it indeed is the intention of the family to spend the remainder of their days in a lavishly designed house nestled on 3,500 square meters of land.

Caribbean island villas, such as this one, are highly in demand for a number of reasons, such as the following: four extravagantly designed rooms, four private washrooms and a balcony attached to each and every room.

Moreover, interior design is a work of art in the Cayman Kai Home – potential buyers visiting this magnificent dwelling are easily captivated by the cedar ceilings, granite counter tops and the cleverly crafted cabinets made out of solid wood.

Furthermore, there’s a garage that can spaciously fit two cars, a fully-equipped kitchen for cooking any sort of meal, a dining room, family room, living room, and even an outdoor storage room.

And just like other Carib villas, this abode comes with all the necessary appliances, so that the lucky buyer won’t have to bother going out to shop for new ones himself. Included with the sale of Cayman Kai Home are a refrigerator, microwave, washer & dryer, dishwasher, cable TV, plus many other goodies.

Arguably one of the best Caribbean island villas today, the outstanding design plus internal features of Cayman Kai Home aren’t the only factors that make it so desirable. Along with this property comes a private beach lot – here, the proud owner can spend warm days running across the powdery, white sand beach and take dives into the crystal clear ocean water.

Lastly, like other great Carib villas, the water is great for snorkeling and engaging in a range of water sport activities.


Twin Palms, Grand Cayman

If you’re taking a holiday with a large family or a large group of friends, the Twin Palms villa is a great place to rent or even purchase. This sprawling property has a living area of 8,000 square feet. And with six spacious bedrooms, it can easily sleep 10-14 people.

On the outside, Twin Palms is as charming as it is on the inside. You will be greeted by a large and circular driveway dotted with a few palm trees and lovely flowering plants. There are two large palm trees that stand prominently in front of the house and this is probably how the villa got its name.

The facade of the house is wide and welcoming. This single-story structure actually used to be two duplexes, but the owner decided to combine them, resulting in a very large and very spacious property. There are four bathrooms, two garages good for four cars, and a very large kitchen. Out of the six bedrooms, two are master suites—and each one has access to a screened porch that overlooks the ocean. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

When you first walk into the fully furnished house, you’ll notice right away that it has several large windows with excellent views of the ocean. The home is indeed very airy. It has plenty of extra space, making it ideal for big parties and family gatherings. And with such large windows, the living area is bathed in natural light all day long. If you’re trying to get rid of stress or depression, this villa is definitely a great place to spend time in. It’s hard to stay miserable in such a sunny environment!

When those Caribbean breezes get a little too warm for you, you can always rely on the home’s central air conditioning system to keep you cool. You can also enjoy cable TV as well as Internet access for checking those business e-mails—or simply for posting your beautiful holiday photos on Facebook.

The villa was built in 1994 and it has been maintained very well. The bedrooms have recently been redone, with new furniture and new rugs to boot.

Twin Palms does not have a swimming pool, but that shouldn’t matter since the beach is just a short walk away. Interesting places like Rum Point Club and Driftwood beach bar are also just minutes away. And with the beach so close, you can enjoy a wide variety of water activities every day—such as reef-protected swimming and snorkeling. The nearby Rum Point Club is especially a vibrant place. Here, you can dine, go diving, sailing, or engage in your favorite water sport.

For those who need to seriously de-stress, the Twin Palms villa could be a healing place. Its expansive and sunny rooms can help ease the mind and relax the body. The surrounding beach is also a great place for taking long and rejuvenating morning and afternoon walks. A week or two in Twin Palms will surely help restore a weary mind and spirit.


Penthouse #201, Oceana, Grand Cayman

If you’re looking for a wonderful yet sensible way to enjoy your hard-earned money, why not invest it in a home that’s located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth? The island of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean, for example, is not only an excellent vacation spot—it’s also a very friendly place for real estate investors. The local government does not demand for income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax—not even annual property taxes! You get to own a fantastic Caribbean home and make good money out of it too!

Right now, one of the hottest developments in Grand Cayman is the Oceana—and one of their exclusive luxury apartments—Penthouse #201—is up for sale. There are a few things that make Oceana different from other residences in Grand Cayman. First of all, it is not located on Seven Mile Beach (where plenty of residential developments have crowded together). Still, it has a great location. It has excellent views of the Caribbean Sea and Oceana is close to the bustling commercial and entertainment hot spots of George Town. (For those who simply can’t get enough of swimming, Oceana has, of course, its own lovely swimming pool—and an infinity pool at that!)

Another thing that sets Oceana apart is its overall design. The building only holds 15 penthouses—with 5 units on each floor. The result is that each apartment is very wide and spacious—in fact, the entire structure of Oceana gives one a huge sense of expansiveness. And since the number of penthouses is limited, residents can enjoy more intimacy and privacy.

Penthouse #201 is just as gorgeous and impressive as the rest of the units in Oceana. The moment you enter the apartment, the first thing you’ll notice are the stunning views of the sparkling blue sea. With 2,800 square feet of living space and an open floor plan, the apartment truly has a very wide and airy feel. It has three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. Each bedroom also has access to an outdoor terrace.

The entire unit possesses a European contemporary style—off-white walls and pale limestone floors. The kitchen and the bathrooms are decorated with limed oak cabinets. The look is modern without being austere. It’s clean and casual, yet warm and wonderfully serene.

Aside from having a luxurious look, Penthouse #201 also features top-notch finishes and fittings. The faucets are from German manufacturer Dornbracht, while the appliances are provided by top brands Miele and Liebherr. Indeed, every detail of this luxury penthouse has been carefully thought-out for your pleasure and comfort.

Beauty, luxury, convenience, privacy, and a great location—such features are hard to beat. To own a penthouse at Oceana is truly a privilege. Penthouse #201 will make a great vacation home for the family and it can also be a very attractive rental property for tourists. The developer’s property management team is also more than willing to help you gain tax-free income from your penthouse when you are not using it. What more could you possibly ask for?

Residence 502, The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

If you often find yourself taking a holiday in the Caribbean, you might as well make it your second home. Why not purchase a condo unit? Compared to staying in hotels, having your own condo unit is more convenient and it helps you save money in the long run. If you want the convenience of a condo unit while having easy access to the amenities of a luxury hotel, The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman will not disappoint. It sits on the widest stretch of the world-famous Seven Mile Beach, providing condo unit owners with spectacular views of the sea.

Residence 502 is one of the smaller units with a living area of approximately 2,400 square feet. But since it has an open floor plan, residence 502 is very roomy—and the space is made even more expansive by high ceilings. One of its best features is of course—the airy terrace that overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

Residence 502 is perfect for a small family. It has two well-appointed bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and its ensuite bathroom comes with a cozy bath tub. Each bedroom also has access to the terrace through sliding glass doors—perfect for evenings when you want to be lulled to sleep by the cool ocean breeze.

Those who love to cook will be pleased to find a fully fitted kitchen complete with refrigerator, microwave, and electric oven. In fact, the entire residence is turnkey—which means it’s fully furnished. It is replete with designer furniture and high-end appliances. All you need to do is move in!

When it comes to amenities, expect to be spoiled every time you stay at The Residences. You can unwind at The Blue Tip golf course which has been designed and built by Greg Norman Golf Course Design. You can also practice your swing at one of the clay or grass tennis courts and even get tips from legendary tennis coach, Nick Bollettieri, through an interactive coaching system.

For true-blue foodies, The Residences offers two signature restaurants from culinary expert, Eric Ripert. Seafood lovers are sure to have unforgettable gastronomic adventures every time they visit fine-dining establishment, Blue—and the Mediterranean-inspired bistro, Periwinkle.

If you’re looking for some serious TLC, there is the Silver Rain, La Prairie Spa—a sprawling, 20,000-square-foot spa that uses treatments from world-renowned Swiss skincare expert, La Prairie.

Indeed, you can enjoy such a stylish and convenient lifestyle at The Residences. But its biggest draw is arguably its beautiful location. Imagine waking up to the sight and sounds of the beach every day—and the famous Seven Mile Beach, no less! Anytime you feel like walking on its powder-soft sand or taking a dip in its crystal-clear waters, you can be there in minutes! Not a lot of people can call the Seven Mile Beach their home—but with The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman—you can! Residence 502 is waiting to be claimed by a new and proud owner—and perhaps that owner could be you.

Corral Reef Villa – Grand Cayman

The best way to spend a vacation would be in one of the many villas in the Caribbean. With each villa uniquely designed with a long-list of other features, choosing amongst the variety of villa rentals in Caribbean can be quite difficult.

If lost as to where to go and which one to pick, the Corral Reef Villa would be a suitable choice for larger groups of vacationists. The 5 bedroom villa is a preferred spot within the Cayman Islands, and is well-known by countless across the globe for its extravagant design and ideal beachfront location.

Each room has a unique layout of fixtures and different styles of beds to accommodate its guests, which include king size, queen size, twin beds, and bunk beds. With this setup, a maximum of 12 people can be housed within the 5 rooms. Also, there’s a total of 4 and a half bathrooms located throughout the entire villa.

For preparing meals, this can be done with the help of the villa’s fully-equipped kitchen (microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc.) Cleaning up the mess left behind is made even easier with the maid service included in the package – a service that isn’t included by other villa rentals in Caribbean.

Other amenities within this villa include a big screen cable TV, DVD player, internet connection, hot tub, washer plus dryer, a bar and a list of other much sought after features. Moreover, there’s a balcony fitted with lounge chairs, a table and BBQ grill. This allows visitors to have meals and a few drinks while enjoying the magnificent ocean sunrise or sunset view.

A standout feature of this establishment is the Jacuzzi, which grants guests a relaxing and private swimming experience. Of course, visitors can also head out to the white sand beach nearby, and take a dip in the blue-green ocean while filling their lungs with the reinvigorating sea breeze.

Like many villas in the Caribbean, Corral Reef is conveniently located near other business establishments that vacationers would definitely like to visit. This villa is just a short drive or walk away from George Town, golf courses, restaurants and even gyms. Visitors can go shopping if they choose to, or engage an assortment of watersports nearby.

Unquestionably one of the best villas in the Caribbean, Corral Reef puts other villa rentals in Caribbean to shame with its elegant design, ideal location, and outstanding features plus staff service.

The Grandview on Seven Mile Beach – Cayman Islands

Indisputably one of the finest Caribbean villa rentals around, Grandview Grand Cayman villas combine class, modern convenience and comfort for all its guests. Vacationists will be pleased to find everything needed to live comfortably is inside these units, such as rooms with king-sized beds and balconies overlooking the spectacular view of the beach.

All Grandview Grand Cayman villas also come equipped with centralized air-conditioning, cable televisions, modernized kitchens, ceiling fans and even hi-speed internet access. Aside from that, the entire interior has been well-designed to keep even the pickiest of guests happy.

Other than offering some of the most beautiful Caribbean villa rentals on the island, Grandview is located on the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, which gives the place even more privacy. Despite being further away from the majority of other tourist hotspots,the property is only a walking distance from George Town’s duty-free shopping center. Moreover, it’s situated near a variety of restaurants and shops, giving guests a chance to check out other places if desired.

The establishment’s Caribbean villa rentals aren’t the only attractive item to look at here. Gazebos have been strategically placed on top of the soft, white sand near the shoreline, allowing vacationists to truly enjoy the ocean breeze and view. These huts are ideal for eating, drinking, or keeping clothes dry while going out to sea for a swim.

Should a guest prefer a more “secluded” area away from the beach,the outdoor hot tub does well at granting the extra solitude.

For visitors that prefer to stay more physically active during their stay, there’s a variety of other amenities to keep them satisfied. Such would include the large tennis court situated nearby the Grandview Grand Cayman villas.

Snorkeling is another excellent and fun way to keep occupied during the holiday trip. A variety of sea life can easily be spotted through the crystal-clearturquoise water. Travelers having forgotten their snorkeling equipment may opt to rent from the establishment.

Another good thing about going to this getaway spot is easy access to a fitness center, which is also sited nearby the Grandview Grand Cayman villas. All the basic fitness equipment needed by the average gym-goer can be found within the center.

Beautiful Caribbean villa rentals, serene atmosphere, stunning scenery, modern convenience, excellent service plus more await each and every guest wanting to unwind and have fun at the Grandview – undeniablyone of the best places to spend a vacation.

The DeckHouses at the Ritz-Carlton, Dragon Bay –Grand Cayman Condos

Your private island awaits. In the heart of the resort and connected to the North Sound by elegant waterways and picturesque landscaped paths are The DeckHouses. With a design based on life on the water, each DeckHouse takes advantage of the surrounding water views with floor-to-ceiling glass doors on the main level.

Every DeckHouse is designed to give owners that ‘private island’ feel – each is uniquely situated for outdoor living with a wraparound entertainment deck, a private beach, infinity pool, and outdoor summer kitchen.

Indoors, no detail has been left to chance. Tropical hardwood and natural stone are used to great effect throughout the homes, which are finished with contemporary high-end fixtures and fittings.

The DeckHouses, 19 in total (5 already sold), are stand-alone private estate homes – incorporating a guest cottage and providing a total of 7,000 square feet with five bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths.  Concealed amongst landscaped gardens and palm-banked streets, situated within a latticework of canals that pour into the North Sound of Grand Cayman Island, these homes are a critical element in the dawning of a community connected by water.


DeckHouses features over 7,000 square feet of covered indoor and outdoor living space plus additional sun decks and terraces of high quality exotic hardwood with a rich stain finish.  Each home features three stories with a main front entrance on the Mid-level, 5-bedroom, 4.5 bath (includes guest cottage), with Colonial Caribbean architecture and a private attached boathouse with lift.

Concrete stucco exterior finished in rich neutral tones highlighted with Cayman Stone clad walls and cedar stained siding are the perfect accent to highligh the gas lantern illumination at the entrance.


“The Nineteen” feature parking, a gated entrance, landscaped screen, lush tropical foliage, over 2,600ft of decks, guest cottages, private beaches, water views, outdoor showers, infinity pool, BBQ area, boat house, private cove and navigable waterways, just to name a few.

If all of this doesn’t wet your appetite, The DeckHouses have “The Seven Wonders”, which include dining by Eric Rupert, Blue Tip-a Greg Norman designed golf course, tennis courts by Nick Bolletteri, a La Prairie Spa and endless service programs by Ritz Carlton.

Grand Cayman

In the Caribbean Sea, there are peaks of a massive underwater ridge starting 8,000 feet below the surface come up for air.  Grand Cayman is the largest tip of these underwater mountains, a 100 square-mile dot of watery paradise just south of Cub and northwest of Jamaica, made entirely of limestone reef.

Cayman Islands is the safest and most affluent island in the Caribbean.  Only an hour south of Miami, with direct jet service to over 14 cities in North America and Europe, it’s no wonder why this island is the perfect getaway.  There are no property taxes, no capital gain taxes-no taxes.

Grand Cayman has been home to privateers and pirates, bankers and divers, professional beach bums and elite investors, seemingly balancing the laid-back life of the Caribbean with a healthy dose of posh.

Are you sold yet? You may also contact them by calling 345.815.7777 or visiting their website, here.

The WaterColours – Grand Cayman Condos

The WaterColours is a luxury condominium resort property located on the island of Grand Cayman. Situated on world famous Seven Mile Beach, the island’s newest and most exclusive private luxury condominium community is a masterpiece of opulence. With magnificently-appointed living quarters that extend far beyond form and function, every spacious residence is designed to maximize a lifestyle of ease and comfort, all the while exuding sophistication and elegance beyond all imagination.  No other accommodation will offer such an outstanding commitment to detail, with features such as exotic marble tiling, rich wood ornamentation, state-of-the-art fixtures and appliances, media room, and a custom built five-star master bath.

Features and Amenities

With only 39 residences, the WaterColours is an intimate enclave. Crowd-less infinity pool, a pristine stretch of quiet beach, and uncompromising security services are just part of the appeal. Extend your stay and your outlook. Only the finest appointments and appliances are incorporated into the residences of the WaterColours… everything you would expect in a home worthy of exceeding a five-star rating. You’ll find glass balconies, kitchens done in marble, granite and rich woods with Wolf, Miele and Sub-Zero appliances, unlimited and unobstructed ocean views, high ceilings and marble baths fit for a queen.  

The WaterColours provides an inventory of amenities that are unmatched, from the beachfront conservatory, complete with in-house bar, chef’s kitchen, billiards table, and private poolside wine lockers, to the crowdless infinity pool that descends onto a tranquil stretch of pristine beach.  Round it out with a comprehensive fitness studio, private massage room, 24-hour discrete security, and owners’ guest suites, and this investment demonstrates the pinnacle of success.


Hidden away in the western Caribbean Sea, 150 miles south of Cuba and 180 miles northwest of Jamaica, the WaterColours is located on an archipelago of three picturesque islands – Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and the more prominent and decidedly larger Grand Cayman.

First sighted by famed explorer Christopher Columbus on his final voyage to the New World in 1503, The Cayman Islands are named for the Spanish term from crocodile – caiman. Today, the Cayman Islands are still the ultimate destination for the adventurer at heart. Boasting famous Seven Mile Beach, crystal clear Caribbean waters and a near endless variety of marine life, resorts in the Cayman Islands are a tropical paradise for divers, snorkelers, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts alike.