Carimar Beach Club – Anguilla Condos

Carimar Beach Club is a luxury condominium property in Anguilla that sits just behind the superb, sumptuous sand of Meads Bay. At just over a mile long, forty or fifty metres wide in places, and with startlingly white sand, it is a fantastic beach and exactly what Anguilla is famous for. Carimar Beach Club, set right on the sand, has the best of it. Its 24 one- and two-bedroom apartments are set in a U shape, their stark white stucco arches frilled with sprays of incredibly colourful bougainvillea. Inside, the apartments are modern and well equipped, and comfortable enough to become a home away from home. Many visitors return year after year. Close to many of the island’s good restaurants, Carimar Beach Club is a trusty shore-side retreat on one of Anguilla’s top beaches.

Features and Amenities

The apartments at Carimar Beach are located in a cluster of six, two story houses which are set in a horseshoe arrangement overlooking a lawn and the ocean at the open end, so that all apartments have a view (some partial) of the ocean. The rooms are bright and cheerful with white tiled floors and walls, and have been individually furnished in a comfortable, tropical style with rattan furnishings and colourful fabrics. Each has a spacious open-plan living/dining room which opens onto a balcony or patio where tables and chairs have been provided. The kitchens are open to the living area, tucked into one corner. They are of a reasonable size and fully equipped with large fridge freezers, microwave, and full ovens. The two bedroom units have the master bedroom off the living room with an en suite bathroom. The second bedroom is located to the rear of the living room, with a separate bathroom across the hall. The beachfront apartments overlook the glorious white sand beach from the front and straight out to sea. The buildings, with stark white walls and terra cotta roof tiles, stand two stories high and they are staggered to face the sea, so that each apartment looks down to the beach. The upper balconies have rounded arches through which to take in the view, but the strongest feature of Carimar is its bougainvillea, which is trained up all the buildings and comes out in a permanent and extremely colorful display of red, purple and pink. It makes an attractive enclave in what is generally a fairly barren island.


Carimar is located directly on the mile long strip of Meads Bay, which has blazing white sand and is one of the nicest beaches on the island. It is very quiet despite having three or four hotels and one of the island’s top restaurants on its broad sands. Ideal for morning or evening strolls, and good for swimming and snorkelling. The waves do get up in the winter and can be quite large and strong. However, there is no pool on the property.

Carimar is located directly on one of Anguilla’s best beaches, in Meads Bay, which stretches for over a mile of superb, sumptuous sand. Just a few hotels and restaurants are strung along the sand. The nearest restaurants are Blanchards, one of the best on the island, and Malliouhana. It has two restaurants, a spa and children’s playground. Other restaurants in the area include Mango’s in Barnes Bay and several good dining rooms in the hotels. Perhaps try Cap Juluca, CoveCastles and Altamer. Simpler local places to eat include nearby Emeralds and B & D’s Barbecue.