Penthouse #201, Oceana, Grand Cayman

If you’re looking for a wonderful yet sensible way to enjoy your hard-earned money, why not invest it in a home that’s located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth? The island of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean, for example, is not only an excellent vacation spot—it’s also a very friendly place for real estate investors. The local government does not demand for income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax—not even annual property taxes! You get to own a fantastic Caribbean home and make good money out of it too!

Right now, one of the hottest developments in Grand Cayman is the Oceana—and one of their exclusive luxury apartments—Penthouse #201—is up for sale. There are a few things that make Oceana different from other residences in Grand Cayman. First of all, it is not located on Seven Mile Beach (where plenty of residential developments have crowded together). Still, it has a great location. It has excellent views of the Caribbean Sea and Oceana is close to the bustling commercial and entertainment hot spots of George Town. (For those who simply can’t get enough of swimming, Oceana has, of course, its own lovely swimming pool—and an infinity pool at that!)

Another thing that sets Oceana apart is its overall design. The building only holds 15 penthouses—with 5 units on each floor. The result is that each apartment is very wide and spacious—in fact, the entire structure of Oceana gives one a huge sense of expansiveness. And since the number of penthouses is limited, residents can enjoy more intimacy and privacy.

Penthouse #201 is just as gorgeous and impressive as the rest of the units in Oceana. The moment you enter the apartment, the first thing you’ll notice are the stunning views of the sparkling blue sea. With 2,800 square feet of living space and an open floor plan, the apartment truly has a very wide and airy feel. It has three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. Each bedroom also has access to an outdoor terrace.

The entire unit possesses a European contemporary style—off-white walls and pale limestone floors. The kitchen and the bathrooms are decorated with limed oak cabinets. The look is modern without being austere. It’s clean and casual, yet warm and wonderfully serene.

Aside from having a luxurious look, Penthouse #201 also features top-notch finishes and fittings. The faucets are from German manufacturer Dornbracht, while the appliances are provided by top brands Miele and Liebherr. Indeed, every detail of this luxury penthouse has been carefully thought-out for your pleasure and comfort.

Beauty, luxury, convenience, privacy, and a great location—such features are hard to beat. To own a penthouse at Oceana is truly a privilege. Penthouse #201 will make a great vacation home for the family and it can also be a very attractive rental property for tourists. The developer’s property management team is also more than willing to help you gain tax-free income from your penthouse when you are not using it. What more could you possibly ask for?