Solitude House, St. Croix

Any family that rarely gets to go on a vacation needs to make the most of the time allotted. St. Croix at the USVI is unquestionably one of the best places to forge magical and unforgettable memories with loved ones.

There are many exquisitely designed Caribbean rentals to choose from, but one of the best private villa rentals that can easily accommodate a moderately large family is known as the Solitude House. This home-away-from-home comes with everything a big clan will need – five magnificently designed bedrooms offering views of the marvelous white sand beach outside, four and a half bathrooms, and a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen for the “family chef” to cook-up some of their favorite meals.

The layout of the Solitude house is what sets it apart from typical Caribbean rentals and pricey private villa rentals alike: the main house, containing three air-conditioned rooms and three and a half bathrooms with mahogany vanity tops, features a nicely designed living room, big flat screen television, and the customized gourmet kitchen mentioned earlier.

Separated from the main house is the pool house, which boasts an additional two air-conditioned rooms and one bathroom. Moreover, it features a refrigerator, microwave and a large flat screen TV. Step outside the Solitude house, and guests will find a pool conveniently situated a few feet away from the main entrance – here, vacationists can choose to cool down with a quick dip, or grill chow on the outdoor barbeque grill.

Heading out to the powdery white sand beach to kick back and relax is another option for guests. Nothing beats the rejuvenating effect of fresh Caribbean Sea breeze filling the lungs, or taking a swim at the refreshingly warm, turquoise-blue ocean water.

At night, the already surreal atmosphere gets even better, and is truly appreciated considering the level of privacy rendered by Solitude house – here, there’ll be no nosey vacationers or strangers watching over the family’s every move.

Unlike other Caribbean rentals, Solitude house includes a couple of modern amenities to keep lodgers entertained and connected with the rest of the world – the flat screen televisions are hooked up to a satellite dish so vacationists won’t miss their favorite shows. Furthermore, internet access is included as well, so staying in contact with friends and other loved ones won’t be problem.

Considering all these features plus more, the Solitude house is truly one of the best private villa rentals a large family could choose.


Estate Belvedere – St.Croix

The natural charm of Estate Belvedere is brought about by its architectural structure. This villa is large enough to accommodate five couples, making it a great venue for special events, like many other Caribbean island villas. With villas in the Caribbean like this one, visitors will be able to barbeque, play board games, and even make use of the fitness equipment on site. With a pool in the villa, everyone will enjoy lounging or going for a swim. Those who simply want to relax can do so by staying on the hammock while taking in the views of the North Shore. Some of the guests may even want to take a short drive to the beach.

Just recently renovated, Estate Belvedere mixes classic elegance with modern conveniences. Each detail of the estate has been carefully attended to, while still keeping the original architecture and historical features. Among the many Caribbean island villas, this is one property that is perfect for big groups of friends and family.
This estate was originally constructed in 1971 as a sugar mill. Since then, it has been changed into a spacious 3-bedroom, 4-bath structure. The main house contains a library and a fully-equipped modern kitchen. A garden filled with fresh herbs stands just a few steps away. With all the luxuries available, villas in the Caribbean should be considered for a relaxing vacation.
Estate Belvedere is situated in the quaint St. Croix, on its north shore. Like a lot of the Caribbean island villas, the estate is completely private and stands on 3.5 acres of lush gardens, historical ruins, and multi-level terraces. The Caribbean Sea, cool breezes, and tropical vegetation cover the patios around the estate. With a rooftop hideaway on the sugar mill, guests can sunbathe and stargaze privately.

The main house can accommodate six individuals. It offers two king-sized bedrooms and one queen-sized bedroom. Across the lawn stands a 2-storey guest house with 2 full suites, a complete kitchen, and a bath, which can accommodate a total of eight guest. There is also a detached cottage with a king size bed that can sleep two. With a lot of space, the place can hold a couple of cots for children.
Villas in the Caribbean are a great place to go for vacation and Estate Belvedere offers one of the island’s biggest private pools. A caretaker is available if needed, too. Additional amenities include 7 cable televisions, 3 VCRs, 5 DVD players, 5 CD players, radio, games, books, music and movie collection, Wi-Fi Internet, DSL line, phones with intercoms, printer/scanner, answering machine, a fully-equipped kitchen, fitness equipment, generator, washer/dryer, and a security system are also available.

The Palms at Pelican Cove – Saint Croix

When the time for rejuvenating the mind, body and soul comes, it should be done so at a place that can offer a truly serene vacation experience. Unquestionably, Saint Croix located at the U.S. Virgin Islands does well at providing guests with a mystical and memorable getaway experience, therefore allowing vacationists to completely vent all the stress from within.

One establishment in particular, The Palms at Pelican Cove, is well-known by vacationers all over the world for its beautifully designed rooms (quite similar to preferred St. Croix villa rentals around the island), variety of amenities, and outstanding service rendered by expertly-trained staff.

Situated on approximately seven and a half acres of grainy white sand beach filled with palm trees plus other exotic plants, the pleasantly sophisticated Saint Croix environment is the key ingredient in providing a relaxing and unforgettable vacation experience.

The Palms at Pelican Cove has 40 lavishly designed rooms. And just like many top St. Croix villa rentals, these rooms are equipped with extravagant furniture plus fixtures to keep all of its guests satisfied.

Each room has a double sink vanity, television set, ceiling fan, air conditioning unit, telephone, dormer refrigerator, in-room safe, and a coffee maker. Staying connected with friends and loved ones back home can be done with any Wi-Fi enabled device, or at the designated internet room within the resort.

Days can be spent swimming in the beautiful blue-green water at the marvelous beach, or lying down on a hammock under the palm trees while taking in the refreshing ocean breeze. Of course, aside from the revitalizing environment this Saint Croix establishment offers, there are plenty of other amenities plus activities to spend time on.

Vacationists that’d prefer a little more privacy while swimming can do so at the beachside pool (80,000 gallons of water capacity). Beside the pool is a mahogany bar which serves a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages – a service that can’t be topped by other St. Croix villa rentals. Additionally, these drinks can be drunken pool-side by guests who choose to.

Customers of The Palms at Pelican Cove can enjoy meals at the beachside pavilion, or at the mahogany dining room. Of course, meals are prepared by seasoned cooks to ensure they are of excellent quality plus taste.

This resort located in Saint Croix offers an enchanting environment and variety of services to keep all vacationers happy. The Palms at Pelican Cove is a family resort, and caters for people of all ages.


Hibiscus Beach Resort, St. Croix

St. Croix rentals, be it hotel rooms or luxury Caribbean villas, have easily impressed thousands of vacationers with their beautiful designs and ideal locations. Unquestionably, one of the best ways to release accumulated stress is by staying at any of these accommodations.

One of the best places to spend a short or long vacation is the Hibiscus Beach Resort, which is located at the secluded Pelican Cove Beach. This means it’s extremely accessible, as it’s a mere 15-minute drive from the airport.

Hibiscus Beach Resort is home to 38 beachfront rooms. Each room contains the same types of furniture plus fixtures most luxury Caribbean villas have, such as air conditioning units, ceiling fans, microwaves, cable TVs, mini-refrigerators, Wi-Fi and a terrace or balcony with lounge furniture.

On the balcony, vacationists will enjoy the sunset and sunrise over the glorious ocean – a fact that’s relished by guests at all St. Croix rentals. With the gentle sea breeze and the fantastic view of the surrounding areas, visitors will find the setting very romantic and serene.

Vacationers may step out the comforts of their rooms and onto the beautiful white sand beach to take in the invigorating fresh air and enjoy a romantic stroll with their significant other. Also, travelers may swim in the clear and blue ocean while enjoying the warmth of the sun, or lay down in hammocks under the shade of swaying palm trees.

While the main attraction of Hibiscus Beach Resort (as well as all luxury Caribbean villas) is the unmatched beauty and serenity of its shore, there are plenty of other things to do at this tropical paradise.

For those that’d like a little more privacy while taking a dip, there are several swimming pools available for guest usage. Like most St. Croix rentals, complimentary snorkeling equipment can be used to check out the beautiful ocean floor and look at sea creatures up close and personal.

Vacationists can feel free to cook within the comforts of their rooms, or dine at the classy beachfront restaurant. Another great establishment to spend nights at is the bar, which is fitted with a wide variety of beverages and good food.

One aspect that separates this resort from other luxury Caribbean villas and St. Croix rentals is its accessibility to island-style entertainment coming in the form of reggae, jazz and more.

A truly lovable and rejuvenating place to spend a vacation, Hibiscus Beach Resort will certainly satisfy all the needs of its guests!

Cottages by the Sea, St. Croix

People looking to get away from all the stress at home and work wouldn’t want to go to a place that’s excessively crowded with other individuals. For this reason, Caribbean villas and resorts have a huge advantage over other vacation spots with more frequent visitors.

St. Croix villa rentals act as great accommodation for people of all ages. One resort, namely Cottages by the Sea, is ideal for any overly stressed-out man or woman seeking refuge from their hectic lifestyles. Unlike other Caribbean villas and resorts, the establishment caters for smaller crowds. With only 23beautifully-craftedrooms, the island getaway can truly be enjoyed in complete privacy.

Due to its secluded and semi-distant location at the west end of St. Croix, not much tourists get the chance to spend their vacations here. Regardless of being “further away” from the usual hot spots on the island, the resort’s rooms still provide the typical features offered by most St. Croix villa rentals.

Such features include the following: air-conditioning units, handicap facilities, television, kitchen and WiFi access. The standard beachfront room location followed by the majority of St. Croix villa rentals is also observed here. Cottages by the Sea has had its rooms built near the beach, wherein three of these quarters are just a few feet away from the shoreline.

The white, soft sand is well-complimented by the turquoise ocean. One feature in particular that makes this resort different from other Caribbean villas and resorts is the way the relaxing easterly trade winds blow out towards the sea, and not towards vacationers’ faces.

Owners of this enchanting establishment have carefully positioned their cottages to “work in harmony” with the direction of the wind. By simply opening their windows, guests may choose to ventilate their rooms with the rejuvenating effects of the cool sea breeze. Hearing the sound of waves gently crashing upon the shore is an added bonus as well.

Photos of Cottages by the Sea, Frederiksted

Cottages by the sea doesn’t just offer serene atmosphere, unbeatable privacy, and beautiful infrastructure or scenery. The tropical utopia boasts unusually-friendly staff that is more than willing to serve vacationers.

Moreover, this wonderful place has one of the most beautiful white corals and sea water amongst all Caribbean villas and resorts. The coral outcrops attract a wide variety of unique sea life, making the snorkeling experience even better.

Again, although Cottages by the Sea is located further away as compared to the other St. Croix villa rentals, it’s still extremely accessible. Being only a 10-minute drive from the airport, anyone from whatever part of the world can easily spend their vacation in this magnificent resort!


Chenay Bay Beach Resort, St. Croix

When every moment during vacation counts, ensuring an outstanding venue offering the best accommodations plus services possible is crucial for rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. Chenay Bay Beach Resort, located at the stunning tropical island of St. Croix, offers exquisitely-designed Caribbean island villas, exceptional services, serene atmosphere, plus more.

White sand, light-green water and invigorating, cool wind awaits those looking to truly relax and unwind. St. Croix rentals are some of the finest around, giving lodgers everything they could ever ask for during their Caribbean stay: Rattan furnishings, king-sized beds, air-conditioning units, ceiling fans, cable television and kitchenettes.

Caribbean island villas situated near the shoreline, and come with beautifully-crafted front porches. Guests may relish the magnificent view of the sunrise and sunset, while enjoying a glass of their favorite champagne or wine. The tropical immersion is further heightened with sounds of birds singing and ocean waves gently crashing onto the shore.

St. Croix rentals sit under lovely palm trees, which in turn provide ample shade from the warm sun. A mere one-minute walk from the beach allows renters to take a dip in the sea whenever they please.

Chenay Bay Beach Resort doesn’t just boast unsurpassed Caribbean island villas and tranquil atmosphere. There are of course other services offered by the resort that should keep all tourists entertained. An infinity-edged pool surrounded by hand-picked flowers can be found near all St. Croix rentals, making it convenient for their holidaymakers.

The Beachfront Bar& Grill is furnished with simple yet elegantly crafted tables and chairs. Just like all St. Croix rentals, the view of the ocean can be adored from the comfort of the establishment. Food is enhanced with a touch of “Caribbean flair”, and is more than enough to satisfy each and every customer served.

There’s a variety of other drinks available as well, such as domestic and imported beer. The bar also caters for anyone that’s into harder spirits, like Jack Daniels, Sauza Tequilla and Jim Beam.

For those who like to stay physically active while on holiday, the resort has a couple of other amenities that’d definitely fulfill that desire. Golfers will surely appreciate golfing at the Championship Golf course nearby. Horseback riding is yet another exciting service accessible to all visitors of the resort.

Chena Bay Beach Resort is unquestionably one of the finest places to spend a vacation with family, friends, and loved ones. Beautifully-designed Caribbean island villas, excellent service, fun activities plus more await all future vacationers.


Clairmont Mill – St Croix Villas

Clairmont Mill is an extraordinary and magnificent luxury Caribbean villa that is set atop a breezy hillside and lush, expansive grounds and provides its guests with stunning views of the seaside. This beautiful villa was recently restored and built around the original stone windmill from what was once a sugar cane plantation and has been featured in Architectural Digest for its unique history. The grounds host an outdoor covered al fresco dining pavilion that borders the great room and leads down to the lower level where guests will find the beautiful blue-tiled swimming pool and furnished sundeck. From here, guests can take advantage of the spectacular, unobstructed views of St. Croix’s beautiful North Shore and the crystal blue ocean.

Features and Amenities

Clairmont Villa is easily one of the most desirable places in Clairmont to rent St. Croix villas and is arguably one of the jewels of Clairmont. Guests are welcomed by the grand entry hall that is furnished with original artwork and antiques which leads to the great room that encompasses part of the stone mill, where they will find a staircase leading up to the gourmet kitchen. A beautifully handcrafted teak spiral staircase leads guests further up the mill where they will find two bedroom suites with private bathrooms. The master suite is located across the entry hall from the great room and includes a private bath. The fourth bedroom suite is just below the kitchen and has a private entry. The fifth bedroom is just off the pool and hosts a private sleeping cabana with a bathroom that can be set up as either a queen or two twins.

Clairmont Villa is dedicated to ensuring that its guests experience one of the most spectacular and relaxing vacations to the Caribbean that they could ever dream of. This amazing luxury Caribbean villa is furnished with an array of amenities to satisfy guests of any age. There is a house manager who lives in the guest house under the Great House with a gentle dog who is available to assist guests with any questions or concerns they may have. Maid services are provided once a week for guests’ convenience; however there is a washer and dryer on the property that guests have full access to. An authentic West Indian cook is available to prepare meals for guests with prior arrangements and an additional fee.


St. Croix’s history spans the rule of seven nations, each influencing the customs, character, language and architecture of the of the island. Even today, with modern conveniences, St. Croix retains the old world charm that has vanished on many other islands. The pace is slower, and everyone takes time to stop and smell the frangipani!

The island is 1700 miles south of New York, 1100 miles south east of Miami, near the eastern tip of the Caribbean island chain. On the same latitude as Acapulco and Hawaii, just below the Tropic of Cancer, it is eternal summer caressed by cooling tradewinds. The average temperature is in the mid-80s, and there’s just enough rain to keep the ixora, hibiscus and bougainvillea in bloom. The island is 22.7 miles long, and at its widest only 8 miles, but in this stretch there are great varying landscapes. The eastern end is dry, with giant cactus and yucca clusters. The middle is flat fertile land, once the site of massive sugar cane plantations. The western end rises to a height of 1,096 feet on Blue Mountain, culminating in a rain forest of giant mahogany, saman and tibet trees.
The beaches are unique, some quiet coves, some, like Cane Bay, a world renown dive site. Snorkeling is easy, for abundant sea life and coral reefs are close to shore. The high salt content of the Caribbean Sea makes you more bouyant so snorkeling here is easy.