Porto Maho-St. Maarten Villas

Developed by The Maho Group, Porto Maho signifies a new concept in living; the seamless integration of lifestyle and residence with everything you need to live comfortably and effortlessly. No mere backdrop, the living village is destined to be a vibrant hub, complete with a piazza, banks, cafes, restaurants, designer boutiques, aquatic activities, seaside promenade, organic and specialty markets, members-only amenities like an athletic club, all anchored by what will be the destination’s largest mega yacht marina.

This landmark real estate project is the true heart of the town, a “destination within a destination.” The area is already home to the island’s largest casino, exhilarating nightclubs, the region’s best duty-free shopping and an array of international restaurants.

The Villas

Unique among Caribbean communities, the Villas at Maho blend the life aquatic with bespoke design. Architects tailor your pier and dock house to suit your style: from another bedroom to a loft-style lounge or yacht-captains’ quarters.  With over 8,500 square feet (both interior and exterior space) the open-air layout seems almost endless.  With a media room, kitchen, living room, sauna, terraces, garden, swimming pool, pool deck parking area and storage, you really have it all at your fingertips!

Adventurous owners can request storage space for kayaks, windsurfers, submarines, catamarans, jet skis, scuba and other sea-going gear. And they can keep vessels – from dinghies to yachts – sparkling with optional boat lifts.


The cultural diversity of Sint Maarten springs from its historical role as a crossroads for visitors to the New World. Dutch, French and British traders brought European traditions, while the Africans brought the language and culture of West Africa. Today the range of influences is reflected in the number of languages spoken. Dutch is the official language, but English is taught in schools and spoken everywhere, while other common languages are Spanish and Papiamento, the dialect of the Netherlands Antilles. Sint Maarten’s premier cultural event is its annual Carnival, which includes parades, calypso competitions, reggae shows, and an endless array of stands serving traditional island food.

As the only completely duty-free island in the Caribbean, Sint Maarten offers some of the best shopping in the Caribbean, and no duty is paid on imports arriving on either side. The Maho Village shopping and entertainment area has shops that stay open until 10 p.m. or later. Shopping includes everything from Swiss watches, French perfume, British cashmeres, Chinese embroidery, Japanese cameras and electronics, Indonesian batiks and Italian leather goods, plus fine jewelry, crystal, linens, porcelain and liquor.

Recent years have seen the growth of many sports on the island aimed at both fitness and fun. Golf, tennis, volleyball, horseback riding, mountain biking and, naturally, a variety of water sports are offered, including scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, kayaking, wind surfing, parasailing and deep sea fishing. In addition, the island offers numerous spas and fitness centers for those preferring gym equipment, free weights, aerobics, stretch classes, massages, facials, steam rooms, whirlpools, saunas, manicures, pedicures and the like.

Superb selection, an infinite variety of cuisines and unmatched quality: Sint Maarten is an island of epicurean adventures and expresses its culinary soul not by creating a single cuisine, but by giving voice to cooking styles from the far-flung corners of the globe. Diners can select from more than 300 restaurants offering French, Dutch, Caribbean, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, Creole and more.

Sunny and warm year-round, with some cooling from trade winds. Average temperature during the winter season is 80F (27C) and a few degrees warmer and more humid in the summer. Occasional showers in late summer and early fall, with average annual rainfall of 45 inches.