Sanctuary Belize – Belize Villas

In the middle of paradise, Sanctuary Belize is a community that offers endless natural beauty, modern amenities and an investment return potential that is hard to top.  Located in Southern Belize, you will find yourself surrounded by the Stann Creek District, beach, rivers, rainforest and waterfalls.

Sanctuary Belize offers your dream realized.  Whether your dream home is a bungalow or a grand estate, you’ll find the home of your dreams is closer to reality that you thought.  Select from an array of homes ranging from 1,500 sq ft to over 5,000 sq ft, all featuring environmentally progressive architecture and home technology.  If the dream home isn’t already created, you are given the option to create it with your own architect, or one of theirs, to create that vision.

Available from under one acre to over four, generous-sized lots in Sanctuary Belize start as low as $99,000 to over $1 million.  Flexible in-house financing options, low down payments and low interest rates make the dream of owning a slice of tropical paradise an affordable reality for everyone-whether you are looking for a second home, retirement home, vacation home or a safe investment.

Features include 10,000 acre nature reserve, 1-10 acre homesites, villas and bungalows, affordable pricing and flexible financing, 200 slip full service marina / yacht club and marina village, world class boutique resort and hotel, private island caye, Equestrian Center, private beach and beach club and gated community with 24 hour security.

As a Sanctuary Belize owner, you enjoy full access to Sanctuary Island, a private 5-acre caye just a short boat ride away from the Sanctuary Belize Marina & Yacht Club located along the barrier reef’s Gladden Spit. The Yacht Club at Sapodilla Lagoon is considered to be one of the most beautiful anchorages in the world, and it’s right at your fingertips.  Residents can enjoy access to the private club, including its eight-foot-deep entry channel and pool, naturally landscaped berths for 200 vessels and full-service amenities (freshwater, fuel, ship chandlers, repair shop, laundry, restaurant, bar, locker-room and showers).

The focal point, Marina Village offers a place for friends, neighbors, residents and locals to enjoy the charming local-artisan storefronts lining the Marina, including a full-service gourmet grocery, general store, dive center and tackle center.  While, the resorts & spa boast five eco-friendly boutique hotels offering an unrivaled selection of luxurious retreats.


No matter what your lifestyle, Sanctuary Belize offers you an escape to fit every one of your needs.  The beauty of Belize is the amount of untouched regions that create the most perfect atmosphere as the backdrop to your daily livelihood.  Whether you want to fish, relax on the sand, hike through the wilderness, take advantage of the Equestrian Center…you will have everything you could dream of for the taking.

Belize is truly a Caribbean paradise boasting unbelievable terrains and climates throughout its north, central, and south regions. The North part of Belize is mostly flat plains with some hills on the northwest part of the country. In the north part, the coastline has low-lying areas and combination of Mangrove coastline, beautiful shelly white beach, and expansive virgin jungle.

In the Central Part of Belize, called the Cayo District, there are rivers, creeks, fertile soil, rolling hills, and lush jungle that have aided in the boom of eco-tourism in the area. The highest point in Belize is the gorgeous Maya Mountains and the highest point is 3,699 feet above sea level at Victoria’s Peak.

In the southern part of Belize, the landscape is an expanse golden beaches with seemingly never-ending view of Emerald Green warm Caribbean waters. There are many areas in the south part that are low-lying mangroves along sea, rivers and lagoons. The far off views of the Maya Mountains are breathtaking in the evenings as the sun sets into the distance.