Belle Etoile Villa – St. Martin

Visitors who want to relax in pure beauty should consider Caribbean house rentals like the Belle Etoile Villa. With the dazzling moonlight and cool Caribbean Sea breeze, travelers surely won’t be able to get enough. The dining area overlooks the pool and the kitchen is completely equipped with everything needed, even a chef.

In this Caribbean luxury villa, an on-site gym and hot tub will ensure that guests can make the most out of their break without having to miss out on their workouts. Entertainment is provided for with luxe billiard tables and picturesque pools. Belle Etoile Villa is one that many feel at home in. With vaulted ceilings and charming décor, visitors certainly cannot get enough of this vacation spot.

Located ten minutes from St. Martin’s Marigot, Belle Etoile Villa is on six acres of land. This Caribbean luxury villa features full air-conditioning and comes with four bedrooms with en-suite baths as well as a pool offering an incredible view of the ocean. There is also a private guesthouse that is a few strides away from the living area.

Belle Etoile Villa is one of the Caribbean house rentals that is furnished with impeccable pieces all around and is made with high vaulted ceilings. The living room has modern furnishings and a wide screen satellite television. The kitchen is equipped fully and the party can be held outdoors in the nicely situated dining and sitting area that overlooks its multi-depth pool.

Other amenities in this Caribbean luxury villa include an office area that has a 360-degree view of the Caribbean and Atlantic Sea, color printers, an iMac, and Blu-ray players installed in the master bedroom and living room. In addition, the house features a CD player, an ice maker, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, a microwave, a hot tub, a pool, a blender, a coffeemaker, an indoor barbeque, and gym equipment.

Those who are looking at vacationing in Caribbean house rentals will make a wise choice by selecting this fine piece of property. With luxurious amenities and incredible views, there really is nothing more visitors can ask from there vacation away from the city. Just like all vacation destinations, the Belle Etoile Villa has special rates for peak seasons that include Christmas and New Years.Get that dream vacation by spending time in these luxurious villas. A representative of the villa will meet guests at the airport to escort them to the villa. Car rentals can be arranged as well.

St. Maarten Caribbean – A Vacationer’s Dream Come True

The island of St. Maarten, also sometimes called “Saint-Martin”, has fast become one of the most popular Caribbean vacation destinations, a development that comes as no surprise to those in the know. With its bright sunshine and clear, blue skies, it’s crystal clear water and its pristine, golden sand beaches, there is every reason to want to come to St. Maarten Caribbean and absolutely no reason to want to leave!

With so much to do as well – everything from water sports to duty free shopping, great nights out and spectacular sunrises, Americans and Europeans in their droves cannot wait to visit this magical, exotic place.

St. Maarten Caribbean

St. Maarten is actually a divided island – split into the northern French half, which is an Overseas Department of France, and the southern Dutch half, which is regarded as a province of the Netherlands.

Both parts of the island have their own unique pleasures. The French side is popular with those who lover their gourmet food, their exclusive fashion boutiques and more controversially, their nudist beaches. On the other hand, the Dutch half of the island is more popular with the causal tourist, known for its vibrant nightlife, its casinos, its jewelry shops and its exotic cocktails.

One feature the two halves of St. Maarten Caribbean do share however is the choice of accommodations – both parts offer an incredible range of high-end and exclusive, St. Maarten resorts.

St. Maarten Resorts

With the increasing popularity of St. Maarten Caribbean, holiday home rates have gone down significantly in the last few years, making the island one of the most affordable places to find luxury accommodations in the Caribbean.  St. Maarten resort’s options range from beachfront hotels to condos, cottages and vacation homes, as well as apartments and homes in the interior of the island. There is something to suit all budgets and every possible whim.

St. Maarten resorts come with a wide range of luxury amenities that can cater for the needs of travelers. Even the most basic beachfront condos and cottages come with king sized beds, spacious bathrooms, air conditioning, and fully equipped kitchens as standard, while its possible to find accommodations featuring a private pool and deck in just about every location on the island worth visiting.

Coupled with an excellent choice of activities at St. Maarten Caribbean, including world-class water sports such as diving, jet skiing, wind surfing, fishing and boating to name just a few, it’s little wonder that the island is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean.


Mes Amis, St. Martin Villa

St. Martin is a stunning destination in the northeast Caribbean. This is an exciting place with turquoise beaches and fine sand that stretch all over the shore. St. Maarten real estate has blossomed over the years, so looking for a place to stay should not be a problem. For extended stays with family, friends, and loved ones, a great number of St. Maarten villa rentals are available to choose from.

Mes Amis in St. Martin is situated very highly on the Falaise des Oiseaux, which is a cliff side location that provides the most fantastic view of the ocean and the coastline. The island of Anguilla is also very visible from Mes Amis nestling place, giving a relaxing homey feel to the villas. It is a great example of fine St. Maarten real estate and is still one of the most popular places to stay here in St. Martin.

Mes Amis is one of the best St. Maarten villa rentals available. This property stretches up to 7 acres of coastline and is comprised of two villas. The main villa provides a breathtaking view of the bright blue sky and the ocean from the lounge terrace. It also features a reception area, as well as casual dining and seating areas for its visitors. This St. Maarten real estate jewel also boasts an infinity pool, a cliff side Jacuzzi, and a bar very near the pool. Mes Amis has charmed so many tourists with its exciting amenities.

Considered to be one of the best St. Maarten real estate villa rentals, Mes Amis features a spacious living room with classic glass sliding doors that accentuates the beauty of the place. There is a formal dining room which includes a very modern Chef’s kitchen. St. Maarten villa rentals are known for their stunning views. Mes Amis is no exception. Each room provides the most amazing perspective of the beauty of nature outside. In addition, all the rooms in this St. Maarten real villa rental have its own bath. Mes Amis provides a very cosy residence while here in St. Maarten. The privacy and the superb service provided by Mes Amis makes it a tourist’s favourite.

Mes Amis is known for its classy interiors, making it at par with the best villas at the Carribean. A stay here will surely be unforgettable and relaxing. It’s no surprise that first timers vow to visit this place again. It’s definitely worth it.

Introducing Marigot – St. Maarten Villa Rentals

Marigot is a dream tourist destination for all those looking for a more elegant yet laid back lifestyle. Being the capital of French St. Maarten, this place is known to be chic and classy, and a home to some of the most amazing boutiques and fashion houses in the Caribbean. Plenty of people would love to call this place their home.

St. Maarten villa rentals can be found all over the place so one will surely be able to find a place to stay that is more than satisfactory. Rented villas in St. Martin offer good accommodations for both locals and tourists alike. They all vibrate luxury with designs that are in harmony with the beauty of Marigot.

Marigot is a warm and exotic place with an innate charming appeal that is truly unforgettable. The weather is sunny all year round, and women will not find it hard to wear their favourite bikinis 24/7. It is the perfect getaway for those who love the sun, and would love to have the sea as a backdrop to their relaxing vacation. There are plenty of St. Maarten condo rentals that will surely fit all kinds of tastes and preferences. Ever since the boom of real estate in the area, companies work hard to provide the most exciting elements of architecture and design that is so evident in most villas St Martin has to offer. St. Maarten villa rentals are very popular nowadays as people can experience maximum comfort and privacy during their stay.

The influence of both French and Dutch culture is evident all over the place, including its structures. There’s Fort St. Louis, which is the largest and most popular historical monument overlooking Marigot, there is the Grand Case—a fishing village known for its fine cuisine and breathtaking architecture, and the Marigot Archaeological Musuem to name a few.

Marigot is one place where fun and activities are immense. No matter where one is in the islands—whether strolling the beach or lazing in one of the most prestigious St. Maarten villa rentals. St. Maarten condo rentals are among the finest in the world. If one is here to enjoy the beauty of the beach and to relax, he won’t be disappointed. Most villas in St. Martin are strategically located to offer the most magnificent view of the beach on all fours. The beach, the sun, the cool breezes will greet one every morning on one of these villas St. Martin is known for.

Sea Place Villa – St Maarten Villas

Sea Place Villa is a private luxury condominium villa located on the island of St Maarten. It is located on the ocean’s edge of Simpson Bay, which is the Dutch side of St. Maarten.  This oceanfront two bedroom luxury villa is in the complex, La Siesta Residence, which is a small private, 13-unit resort, comprised of two buildings that share an oceanfront pool.  Sea Place Villa is one of three units in Building B.  It encompasses the entire 2nd floor, with spectacular views and sea breezes.  Private 2nd floor lets you sleep with the windows open.  Convenient parking in front of the property and private access to the beach.

Features and Amenities

Sea Place Villa is fully equipped and air-conditioned for your rest and relaxation. All amenities have been carefully put in place for your perfect comfort. Inside the luxurious condo, two comfy large sofas  let you view the Caribbean from your living room, or watch cable TV on the 40” LCD flat screen TV. TV and DVD’s are also in each bedroom. The spacious, air-conditioned living room at The Sea Place opens to the private veranda, where comfortable amenities await you for your relaxation, including lounge chairs for private tanning and a large dining table. The large kitchen is equipped with all amenities including washer/dryer, a full size refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, microwave, glass cook top and more. The gourmet kitchen adjoins the living room in an open concept plan with a large bar and breakfast counter toward the seating area of the living room.

The central feature of this villa is a large pool with beach – style access surrounded by an extensive terrace with intimate seating areas and a glass-walled dining area. A spacious open-plan living area attractively furnished in bright Caribbean colors gives the whole interior an established air of tropical good taste.


This island is unique as it is shared by two countries: St. Maarten is aligned with the Netherlands and St. Martin is French. Many guests are attracted to the great shopping, restaurants and casinos the island has to offer. As the island is small, Island Hideaways’ St. Martin villa renters will find they can enjoy both sides of the island no matter the location of your rental. Sea Place Villa and La Siesta Residences are located on Simpson Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sands, crystal clear blue waters – you’ll never want to leave. The Windward Islands which include the island of St. Maarten and St. Martin are constantly cooled by trade winds, so it’s comfortable to visit them at any time of the year.
The average temperature is 80 degrees and rainfall totals an average of 45 inches yearly.