Ocean Gem – Anguilla Condos

Ocean Gem is a set of luxury condominium townhouses located in Anguilla. The Ocean Gem Homes are being built on the quiet South Eastern shore of the Island at the Farrington one minute’s walk from the ocean, and just ten minutes away from the most popular beach, Shoal Bay East. All homes will have awesome views of St. Martin and the neighboring islands and will overlook the Fairmont Golf course which was designed by Jack Nicklaus and for which excavation works began. Driving across the island you must marvel at the number of spectacular unspoiled beaches, with crystal clear water, washing the bleached white soft sand all ideal for swimming. Looking out at the ocean the water appears to be blue, green or turquoise depending on the depth, the vegetation or the coral reefs below, and not far there are coral reefs that provide an opportunity for some excellent snorkeling. There are many small virtually uninhabited neighboring islands like Scrub, Sandy island, Scilly Cay, Prickly Pear and Dog Island, that are easily accessible by powerboats or yachts.

Features and Amenities

These homes are all very practically designed to maximize the use of the prevailing North East trade winds, as well as the magnificent view of the Fairmont Golf Course and the enthralling Caribbean Sea. They will all be constructed using quality natural materials, with concrete stair wells, columns and floors and with professional workmanship to create seven stunning three (3) bedroom, 3 1/2 bath Villas.

There are three large spacious self contained bedrooms each with generous walk-in closets and private balconies, one on the first floor and the other two on the second floor. The large 8 foot mahogany doors of the spacious covered Kitchen, dining and living areas open onto an extensive outdoor terrace adjoining your private pool facing the ocean and St. Martin. This creates an ambiance of plain out door living and is supplemented by a bar and lounge on the second floor overlooking the golf course.


The Ocean Gem homes are only few minutes from the airport and twenty minutes from the seaport at Blowing Point where ferries travel between Anguilla and neighboring St. Maarten daily. The ferries leave Anguilla and St. Marten every forty five minutes and only take twenty minutes from Dock to Dock. Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands and is located on the northern curve of the Caribbean Archipelago, approximately 146 miles (235 km) east of Puerto Rico and 6 miles (10 km) to the north of St. Martin. The word ‘Anguilla’ means ‘eel’ and aptly describes the island’s long, narrow shape. The island is very flat with just undulating hills, the highest point at a little over 200 feet (70 meters). Like other Caribbean islands, Anguilla enjoys a sunny tropical climate all year round with the Northeast trades providing a clean refreshing breeze.